e o patrimonio acústico europeo

2 agosto 2011 colaborará coa Fundación Illa de San Simón, AGADIC e tres socios europeos: Phonogrammarchiv de Austria, Cresson Laborator de Francia e Tampere University of Applied Science de Finlandia. O proxecto ten como principal finalidade localizar e definir o punto de partida para o estudio e protección do patrimonio acústico europeo.

«The term soundscape was coined by the Canadian composer and environmentalist, R. Murray Schafer. It refers to an audible environment formed by three dimensions, made up with elements like natural sounds and sounds created by humans through musical composition, sound design, conversation, work, and sounds of mechanical origin resulting from the use of industrial technology. In the late 1960s he found the World Soundscape Project (WSP) at Simon Fraser University. This international research project is focused on finding solutions for an ecologically balanced soundscape where the relationship between the human community and its sonic environment is in harmony.

The European Acoustic Heritage project will follow the work carried out by international teams, some of them participants of this project and with valuable resources of European soundscape recordings and research. With a similar philosophy and educational aims, our goal will be to develop the European Acoustic Heritage and to create the European Study Workgroup to improve the exchange and disseminate these cultural values».