at the Fonoteca Nacional de México

27 enero 2009

During the last week of November, went to the Fonoteca Nacional de México with the intention of doing an interactive installation for the opening event of the Fonoteca Nacional de México.

The installation is an interactive map that can be manipulated by an user in order to select one place of the map and listen to the soundscapes from that spot. The map is about the 31 States of México and México D.F. Each one of these states has embedded several soundscapes.

Therefore, the installation is divided into two parts. First, the user can manipulate a physical table in which the map of México has been printed, so when the user press on the top of one state, the sounds from that state start playing. Second, the user can watch a video projection about the same map of México that moves according to the user interaction, and shows information about the soundscape that is playing at that moment. That is why we call this installation a soundwalk, because when the map moves through the several states, it mixes the soundscapes.

The program that generates the animation, that is called Sonorama, is done using Processing. The program that plays the soundscapes is a patch done with PureData. Both programs can be download from the Trac:


The installation that we set up at the Fonoteca, is a version of an installation that could be seen before in other places like for instance at Laboral in Xixón. Here you can watch a video about this installation, which is very similar to the one that we set up at the Fonoteca Nacional de México:

Instalación de from Chiu Longina on Vimeo.

Some pictures that were taken during the setting up of the installation: