at Fereixinde

23 marzo 2009

In the middle of March, and invited by local residents, visited a small place in the parish of San Lorenzo de Nogueira called Fereixinde, located in the council of Meis on the province of Pontevedra, in order to pick up the sounds of its landscape.

Cereixinde is on the route that the Galician’s Govern Ministry of Land approved for the new motorway Vilagarcía-Curro. Awared of the change in the soundscape that the construction of such infrastructure would made, some of the residents and neighbors of the site, asked to make a collection of the sounds that populate the soundscape of the place now, just before the works on the motorway are to be started.

We worked picking up different sounds and environments, talking with neighbors, and documenting the current sounds on Cereixinde in order to compare it with what will happen the day the highway will cross Cereixinde.

The results of the work will be published in soon, so Stay tuned!!!