10. Hack versions of escoitar.org

18 agosto 2006

we have updated the version of the software used in escoitar.org

EscoitarGZtag is a macro hack designed to modify the publication system podcast loudblog therefore it integrates googlemaps and it associates coordinates to the sounds added by the users. At this moment it is in phase of development and is not possible to publish information about how it works. From version 1.0 we will begin to distribute it and to publish a tutorial about how to use it.

Current version of hack escoitar.org: BETA 0,7, you can download it from this Link:

Zip - 430.6 kb
Ultima Version Beta

Previous versions of hack:
escoitargz 0.1
escoitargz 0.2
escoitargz 0.3
escoitargz 0.4
escoitargz 0.5
escoitargz 0.6